IMG_0122.JPGWelcome to my blog!
I am a writer who lives in Suffolk, and I draw inspiration from the world and the community around me.
My work includes poetry, stories – mainly for children, and inspirational work in the Christian tradition.
I have worked with children in schools and churches, and have a particular interest in retelling the Bible.  I have led retreats and creative writing workshops for adults, spoken at festivals, and share my poetry and my thoughts.

Here is a link to my latest book:

The Bible Story Retold
bible retold cover

A companion volume is also available.  You can read more about it here

Prayers and Verses

prayers and verses cover

I have begun a series, Sunday Retold  In it I offer extracts from both books, stories and prayers, to follow the pattern of set readings used by many churches.  These may be of help to those planning services or children’s work, or for private and group reflection on the week’s themes.

If you would like to see a lists of my current books, please look at the links below:

Lion Hudson


as well as Amazon Canada  and Amazon USA

I also write for Quiet Spaces “A creative response to God’s love”, which I love being involved with. I have written meditations on Women in Genesis, the medieval mystical work The Cloud of Unknowing, the I Am sayings of Jesus, the poems of Emily Dickinson,  and many others.

I am building up collections of poetry, which I hope to share on this site.

I hope you enjoy being here.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Andrea
    I love the poem Jesus washes Judas’ feet. We are planning to include it in a programme of Poetry and Music for Easter this year. We are putting the dates of the other poets so would you be happy for us to put your year of birth? If so please E mail me and I can give you more details about the event!

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  2. Congratulations on your wonderful contribution to The Verb last night. I loved the way you introduced and read the blackbird poem against the soundscape. That same blackbird visits our garden too! So well done. Doreen xx


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