Here is a little more about some of my books.

My latest book!


Publication date: 18th January, 2019.

This is a different sort of book for me, and it draws on my work for Quiet Spaces – a creative response to God’s Love.
One of the things that makes it a bit different is that it combines something to read with suggested things to do – a lived response.  My hope is it will be a resource to support us as we seek to find life in the everyday – to move to a deeper and more deliberate daily practice of walking in faith and love.  It has thoughtful questions for reflections or groups, some prayer ideas, creative responses and ideas for living things out in our communities. I’m really pleased with it, and quite excited to see how people respond to both the reflections and the ideas for seeking to live the words of Jesus.  I hope it would work well for individuals, as well as groups.
You might like to use it as a Lent resource.

It has been reviewed in a number of publications, including Monasteries of the heart
Woman Alive
and listed in the Church Times – Noticeboard: Jesus and theology.
It also is also recommended on the Transforming Ministry website.

You can order at the publisher’s website, and online bookshops, for example Eden.  If you are lucky enough to have a local bookshop, they can order if for you if its not in stock. My local bookshop, Browsers, is taking orders by phone and email.


Bible Retellings:
It has been a great privilege to be asked to write a retelling of the Bible for older children. The latest edition is

The Bible Story Retold in Twelve Chapters


As the title suggests, this retelling is a little different from some in that it is in continuous chapters, rather than broken into shorter separate stories.  I have included subheadings to help the reader navigate their way through, but the emphasis is on the big themes, the overarching tale of God’s love for people, reaching through history. I learned so much in the writing of it, and am still learning.
I drew on my experience of telling the stories of the Bible to children in school assemblies, junior church and all age services, and am deeply grateful to youngsters whose responses and questions have made me think so deeply, and who have vividly shown how important story and imagination are to our drawing closer to God.  I also spent much time in study and prayer.  I read every commentary I could, from many different traditions, and followed that with personal devotion – I spent time in prayer and reflection, seeking to enter into the stories imaginatively and allowing them to speak to me.

This edition is aimed at older children, and young people, who may wish to get a feel for the big sweep, the scope of the Bible narrative. It works well as a resource for school assemblies, and Messy Church.  The text has also proved popular in work with the elderly, including in care homes.   It is a good size to hold in the hand, and carry with you.

It shares the same text as The Lion Classic Bible

Jacob's ladder
which is beautifully illustrated by Sophy Williams,  and this second book is more likely to appeal to slightly younger children.  This book won the Ultimate Christian Library Book award in 2012. You can read a review by Malcolm Guite here.

Prayers and Verses

prayers and verses cover

This book is a companion to The Bible Retold.  It, too, is in twelve sections – each one with prayers, poems and verses which sit alongside the stories and themes of the retelling.  I imagined the two books being used together, for bedtime or family prayer times perhaps, allowing a little more space for reflection. Together, they could also provide a resource for school assemblies, and all age worship.
My intention is that it should also work a stand alone collection of prayers and reflections ancient and modern, including some of my own.

The Little Christmas Tree

christmas tree

This is a story I first told my own children when they were small.  It has recently been reissued in a sparkly new edition, which makes Lorna Hussey’s illustrations even more delightful.
It is a gentle Christmas fable.

Here’s a review, with some suggested craft activities for children.

The Pilgrim Spirit

Pilgrim Spirit

I am so often asked about this book.  It is a beautifully illustrated exploration of life as pilgrimage, using quotes as well as my own thoughts.  I put together things I found helpful, and it seems to help others, too.

Poems to help you through the week


Some wonderful pieces by D H Lawrence, Emily Dickinson, and many others, and a few of my own.

Wise Sayings of the Celts
Wise Sayings of St Francis

These collections were so enriching to put together.


If you are interested, you can find others at online retailers, Waterstones usually has a good selection, or your local bookshop.Browsers is a good choice for Suffolk.