Prayers and Verses – for a new day

prayers and verses cover

UK publication date – Friday 17th June 2016                                     US Publication date – 28th September



The River Deben in Suffok, one of my favourite walks.

So, it’s nearly time for this collection of prayers to be delivered into the world.  It’s very exciting!

Last summer, I spent much time reading through books  of prayers, and writing my own. It was a very precious time as I was immersed in the prayers of great souls from many centuries, and seeking to find words that would resonate this day, and in the days to come. For any book, especially a book that will be read by the the young, is an exercise in speaking into the future.

This book, Prayers and Verses through the Bible, is a companion to The Bible Retold.  Both  are in twelve chapters, and this collection of prayers picks up the themes which emerged in the retellings.  The first chapter of Prayers and Verses, called Beginnings, invites us to pray for the world around us,and express our love and care for it. As I was writing The Bible Story Retold, I felt the theme of the land as a blessing, as our source of daily food, as both a gift to be treasured and a provision for the future, emerging in a fresh way. For me, God’s love for and delight in all that was made shines through, and later on, the prophets speak of the love and delight of creation, too.  These first Chapter One prayers seek to open up these thoughts, and help us speak them. Another important part of this first chapter is morning prayers – for our own new days, new beginnings.

My hope is that the book will be accessible to the young, but also a blessing to those of any age who are looking for words to make their own.

Here are a few prayers and verses from the first chapter to bless your day.

God, source of all light and life,
help us to see your hand at work
in the beauty of creation.
Help us to know that, in you,
the whole earth is holy ground.
O Lord,
Your greatness
is seen
in all
the world!


Day by day,
dear Lord, of thee
three things I pray:
to see thee more clearly,
love thee more dearly,
follow thee more nearly,
day by day.
In all my thinking and speaking and doing
this day,
Help me be loving,
help me be peaceful,
help me be kind.


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