Poem – Birdbath


Today we are in a lull between storm systems, and there are patches of sunlight through the clouds.   The first primroses are emerging, already, and the garden is full of birds.  There is lots of shelter, and lots to eat – both insects who are thriving under the uncleared vegetation, and the seeds I put out.  Unfortunately, they were camera shy today, but I thought I’d share this with you anyway!

It is so good to feel part of this place of life, even in the depths of winter.



I watch the long tailed tits
gather on the birdbath

Like something Franciscan,

Then come the blackbirds,
territorial and vengeful,
sweeping their dark wings.

And the bareness of the
trees, the bareness
of the ground
seems clean,
in this unforgiving
northerly wind.
And I too am here,
and I too hope,
and dip my hand
in cold water –
blessed by birds.

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