New Term

Where I live, teachers and students are starting a new term today – some are starting a new school.

Here are a few prayers from Prayers and Verses to bless you on your way.

With much love.

Goodbye, dear old school,
Hello, bright new start.
May God guide our lives,
Head and hand and heart.

Dear God,
Help us as we learn new things. If we learn quickly and easily,
may we help others to understand. If we make mistakes, may
we understand what went wrong. Help us never to be afraid
of new things, but to see them as an adventure.

Dear Lord,
There are so many things we could ask you for.
Today we ask for wisdom, that we may
understand you and the world and people
better.  Help us to look, and to listen, with
an open mind, that we may learn. Help us
grow in wisdom as we grow in years.


Do not imitate
what is bad,
but imitate
what is good.

3 John 11






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