Prayers and Verses – 3 The burning bush

Publication Day for The Bible Story Retold, and Prayers and Verses, is coming up in the USA and Canada! The date, 28th September.
They are available for pre-order now.

Some links to Amazon are below – of course, if you have local bookshops, they will order it in for you if it’s not in stock.

Canada Bible Retold here

Canada Prayers and Verses here

USA Bible Retold here

USA Prayers and Verses here


Here is a little bit from both books, to give you a taste!  I hope you enjoy them.


Andrea Skevington

prayers and verses cover UK publication date – Friday 17th June 2016

bible retold cover

It’s nearly here!  the official publication date for Prayers and Verses!
I thought I would share something from Chapter Three of both books – Prayers and Verses and The Bible Retold.
The story of Moses, and how people escaped from slavery, is absolutely central to our understanding of the story of the Bible as a whole. It is truly remarkable.  Written records usually tell the story of the victor, of the rich and powerful.  This ancient narrative tells the story of the slaves, the powerless, the people pushed to the edges.  It says that God is listening to them, and is sending someone to bring them out of slavery, into freedom.

Prayers for those who labour under heavy loads, who bear much sorrow, are included at the opening of the chapter in the prayer book.  The Hebrew scriptures are full…

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