Sunday Retold – the Lost Sheep and the Lost Coin

I am trying something new – Sunday Retold. I hope it blesses your weekend.

Andrea Skevington

Welcome to Sunday Retold – stories and prayers based on the set readings for the week.  I hope it may be of help to you.

Many churches around the world listen to the same readings together, following the patterns in the Lectionary.   Quite often, there is something in The Bible Retold, or Prayers and Verses, that fits.  Sunday Retold is an occasional series where  I shall try to share those things with you.
If you are part of a community which follows these readings, they may be of use to you in your preparation for Sunday.  You may find something for All-Age Worship, or work with youngsters or not so youngsters, or in some other way. If you are not, I hope you will find something to think about, something to help, just the same.

Please feel free to use these extracts, and please say where you got them from!

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