Poem: Unfurl – Lockdown Poems 11

Welcome back to my Lockdown Poems series.  These are simple reflections, more or less as they come, usually written in the garden during these times when many of us have suspended our normal activities, and are at home.  It’s been going on a while now, as we all know, and some days are better than others.


I’ve been seeking to practice being in the moment, and here’s a record of a tiny shift, noticing the sensations and the sights around me, noticing the moment.   That helps so much.  I hope that sharing these snatches with you, wherever you are, gives you a glimpse of green that helps you too.





Unfurl  – Lockdown Poems 11

World-weary, bone weary,
head aching, I list the small
things I should do, and then
turn my face away, towards
the olive green and bright green
leaves of the climbing rose,
fresh opening,
and as I do so, feel the sun
on my cheek, soft,
and as I do so, see how the
hazel leaves have grown
grooved saucers of green,
catching the sun,
as my cheek is now,

I shall rest here awhile,
list on my lap,
and let the sun unfurl something
strange and new in me,
not knowing what.

2 thoughts on “Poem: Unfurl – Lockdown Poems 11

  1. I received the brf newsletter and came to the Lockdown poems. I am nearly 80 years old and live by myself in a flat. My heart is singing this morning as I saw the beautiful pictures and read the poems. Just wonderful! I haven’t got the words to describe how they have lifted my spirit. I am laughing and crying at the same time……so so beautiful
    I am going to go onto my little patio and try to ignore the increasing noise of traffic coming from the recently much quieter road. I will quietly just look at the lovely little flowers and find beauty in the details I haven’t yet noticed. Thank you Andrea. God bless you.


    • Dear June, how lovely. Your kind words moved me to tears. Yes, that’s good, to notice whatever beauty and joy you can find. I am glad you have a little patio, it’s good to see growing things. Take care, and bless you xxx


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